SciQuus Oncology Relocates to Larger Headquarters

February 1, 2015

SciQuus Oncology experienced positive and unanticipated growth in its first year of operations, requiring a move to larger headquarters in February 2015. The new location, at 4250 Executive Square, Suite 450, in La Jolla, California provides SciQuus with the space needed for continued growth while maintaining a productive and amiable work environment for SciQuus employees and visitors. SciQuus expects that the new office space will accommodate continued growth over the next year or two.

SciQuus Oncology is committed to providing an efficient, comfortable, and secure work space for all employees. John Gutheil, MD, the President and CEO of SciQuus Oncology commented “…there is no doubt that our greatest asset is our employees. Every one of the people we hire interacts with our clients. As such, we need to provide them with the best working environment possible to realize their full potential.”

About SciQuus Oncology Incorporated
SciQuus Oncology is focused on providing clinical trial and drug development resources to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. SciQuus Oncology was formed and incorporated in late 2013 as a spin out from the clinical research division at Proacta, Inc.

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